Eyelash Laminating Toronto

Why is Eyelash Laminating Toronto Enhance?

✅ An amazing treatment that creates outstanding results.
✅ Lifts, Volumises and Lengthens natural lashes.
✅ A unique lash lifting and tinting system.
✅ Creates a natural but enhanced look.
✅ Unique to other options.
✅ Many years of outstanding results all over the world.


How Eyelash Laminating Works?

✅ Disulfide bonds are broken and re-set into the required shape.
✅ The Disulfide bonds are then re-set in the new shape.
✅ The lashes are then colored.
✅ Finally, the lashes conditioned.

Benefits of Eyelash Laminating.

✅ No damage to natural lashes.
✅ Zero maintenance.
✅ Effect lasts 6-8 weeks



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