💖 Eyelash Lamination 💖—it’s also called 💖 Lash Lifting 💖, now in Toronto!

Women seem to stop at absolutely nothing to get their lashes to look their absolute best. They put on extensions, apply loads of mascara, layer on growth serums—you name it, they do it. And the latest thing that women are talking about, especially online, is eyelash laminating, which actually sounds much worse than it really is.

Different from eyelash extensions, which requires individual synthetic lashes to be adhered to your natural lash line with glue, eyelash lamination—it’s also called lash lifting, keratin lash perm or keratin lift lash—gives the end result of thicker, longer, darker lashes that last. Consider it the newest way to get prettier-looking lashes.

Lash expert Ola says it’s actually a pretty simple treatment (considering there are only five steps) that promises longer lashes for 8 to 12 weeks depending on the natural cycle of your lashes. Void of any harsh chemicals or glues, Ola, says this gives more of a lift and curl to the lashes so they don’t just look straight. “The keratin lift lash is done on your natural lashes—they just can’t be too short, non-existent or really damaged—to give the appearance of very long lashes that are also thicker and darker.

Compared to lash extensions, this is a maintenance-free way to enhance your lashes without as much drama. The lash lift treatment is more for the woman who wants a really fresh, natural look.”

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