Types of materials and procedures for Eyelash Extensions in Toronto

First of all, all artificial lashes are made of synthetic monofilaments. All meanings such as: silk, sable, mink, etc. – It is outdated conventions of lash thickness. Professionals who realy keeping up with the time, has no longer use those meanings and definitions and use lashes in reticulations, denotes thickness by millimeters, such as 0.05 mm, 0.15 mm, etc.

There are several Volumes of eyelash extensions. Classic Full Set- is when on each own eyelash glued one artificial, 2D – it is a bundle of two artificial lashes on each own one, 3D- beam of three and etc.

Doing voluminous lashes, professional masters do not use ready-made bundles (eg like for makeup), they create them in the process of eyelash extension and paste it up directly to your eyelash. There are also various lengths of the eyelashes which are also designated in millimeters, for example 5, 7, 10, etc.

Moreover, there is also a bending of lashes, which is selected solely by the personal data of each customer eyes. For example, a woman with a drooping eyelid cannot afford short lashes with strong bending etc.

Lash Volume

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