Allergies, Reactions & Side-Effects

While all of our products are superior and safe to use, as with most things that are applied to the body, there is always a risk of a reaction and you may not become aware that you are sensitive to the ingredients until after you have the treatment. While rare, there are a variety of reactions and irritations that can occur, even with the most experienced and trained specialists and most will be apparent within the first 24 hours.

The most common side effect is watering eyes and slight irritation or redness in the eye from the under eye gel pad – this can be dramatically reduced with Visine Eyedrops or disappears within hours anyway.

A small percentage of us have eyes that may be too sensitive for the adhesive, under eye pad or medical tape, and other types of reactions or side-effects can occur. While the chance of a reaction is generally less than 5% – should this occur, we recommend a removal and to seek advice from a medical professional or ophthalmologist.

If you know you suffer allergies or sensitivities and are worried, our best advice is to not proceed with eyelash extensions.

It is also important to keep your lashes clean and hygienic to avoid irritations developing.

We welcome a patch test 24 hours prior to your appointment, however, reactions and allergies can occur at any time at any appointment so this isn’t necessarily going to give you a true indication of what to expect at all your appointments.

Oplashes ask you to complete a consent and waiver form at your first appointment with us so it is important to understand that you are proceeding with your treatments at your own risk. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with all types of reactions so should this happen to you, please contact us so we can provide more information. If in doubt, we always recommend a visit to your ophthalmologist.

Important Note: OP- Lashes are not medical professionals and this information is a guide only based on our research and experience. In all instances, we recommend seeking advice from a medical professional.

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